The 2014 musical is Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka.

Performances in February 2014

Show dates are Feb. 6, 8 & 9, 2014 at Gratz College in Melrose Park, PA.

Tickets are available at the door. The online box office is closed.

Characters in Willy Wonka

  • WILLY WONKA-Any age from 18 on up. Strong singing voice. Must be able to play serious and funny and switch on a dime. Top note is n F. Sing PURE IMAGINATION Beginning to measure 27
  • CANDY MAN-adult, small speaking part and good song. Top note is E. More a singer than an actor. Sing THE CANDY MAN From measure 18 to 44
  • CHARLIE- About 12 years old. Lots of line and songs. Emotional center of the show. Think a male “Annie”. Sing THINK POSITIVE Beginning to measure 35
  • GRANDPA JOE-Spry senior citizen. The grandparent we all wish we had. Sings a bit. Top note is D Sing CHEER UP, CHARLIE beginning to measure 26
  • MR BUCKET-Late 30’s on up. Sings with Charlie and dances a bit. Only in act one. Sing THINK POSITIVE Beginning to measure 35
  • MRS. BUCKET-Late 30’s on up. Sings and speaks only in act one. Sing CHEER UP, CHARLIE Beginning to measure 26
  • PHINEOUS TROUT-Broadcaster-30’s or 40’s could be male or female. Smooth and unruffled. Little singing. First act only
  • AUGUSTUS GLOOP-Will be costumed as a very fat child (Male of Female) up to late teens. German Accent. Sings solo high note is G. sing I EAT MORE Beginning to measure 61
  • MRS. GLOOP-Character actress. German accent. Augustus’ mom. Zoftig. Sings Mezzo Sing I EAT MORE Beginning to measure 61
  • MIKE TEAVEE-Teenage boy (or Girl) TV and video game addict. Sings solo. Mostly lower range. Sing I SEE IT ALL ON TV Beginning to measure 50
  • MRS. TEAVEE-Mike’s mom-an amalgam of all the TV moms. Think June Cleaver, Marion Cunningham and Carol Brady. Sings with Mike. Sing I SEE IT ALL ON TV Beginning to measure 50
  • VIOLET BEAUREGARDE- Young Southern Belle. Southern accent would be nice. Gum chewer extraordinaire. Strong Alto voice. Sing CHEW IT Beginnign to measure 20
  • MRS. BEAUREGARDE-Violet’s mom. School teacher type. Accent to match Violet-some singing lines.
  • VERUCA SALT-Spoiled, wealthy teenaged brat. Could have British accent. Strong Alto voice. Sing I WANT IT NOW Beginning to measure 52
  • MR. SALT-Verruca’s dad. Rich parent-spoils child. Buys his way out of anything. Accent to match Veruca. Some singing lines.
  • GRANDMA JOSEPHINE AND GRAMDMA GEORGINA-Cartoon characters of older women. Some singing mostly in act one.
  • GRANDPA GEORGE-Comic character of older man. Very hard of hearing.
  • JAMES AND MATILDA-Charlie’s schoolmates. Sing solo lines in Candy Man.
  • SOPHIE, DANNY, ALFIE,BILLIE, SUSIE-Other school chums-chorus in Candy Man.
  • CHORUS OF COOKS (6) Sing in I Eat More.
  • OOMPA LOOMPAS-Workers in the Chocolate factory. Sing as chorus with a few solos. All sizes and ages. Some of the act one only can double here. Sing OOMPA LOOMPA #1 complete song
  • SQUIRELLS- Non singing non speaking parts for all ages and sizes.

    • Updated 2/5/14